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06/26/2014 Sprit Award Winners

We would like to congratulate Jamie Chitty, Alice Harp, Jyl Lopez and Judy Webb for being this year's DIG U Sprit Award winners.

05/22/2014 DIG U Sprit Award

The annual DIG U Spirit award winners will be announced during this year's July Sales Manager meeting. This award is given to individuals who:

Individuals qualified for this award demonstrate the following:

  • Competent job performance
  • Promote self-development by facilitating the expansion, articulation, application and   stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by DIG.
  • Promote the company’s culture of mind, body and soul by promoting, nurturing and sustaining a culture conducive to learning and professional growth.
  • Promote the success of all employees by work in partnership and responding to a diverse workforce.
  • Promote the willingness to excel by modeling a personal code of ethics and developing professional leadership capacity by taking the initiative to on completing a majority of DIG U courses.
  • Promote success by understanding and responding to and influencing other employees to excel using DIG U.
  • Promote the success of all students by advocating and sustaining the use of technology.

05/21/2014 DI U Board Members

We have added new members to DIG U' Board of Regents. Welcome Melanie Carr, Meg Heintze, Katie Parnell and Amber Kinsgton.

Welcome to Dig U

DIG U is a corporate university affiliated with Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC) and its parent company, Directors Investment Group (DIG).

DIG U is designed to offer learning opportunities to our employees, clients, and sales staff, providing education in a variety of topics such as industry knowledge, best practices, technology, corporate values, personal development, family life, relationships, health and wellness, spiritual life, leadership skills, and much more.

Our mission at DIG U is to create a culture of life-long learning and continuous improvement that leads to happy, satisfied and well-developed employees.

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